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« Why a mentor »

Why a Mentor?

Aristotle 384-322 BC. The World’s First Mentor

Mentor is traditionally defined as « A wise and trustworthy adviser – a person who exclusively and confidentially helps another person to achieve something ».

In a Mentor – Mentee collaboration, it is paramount that the relationship is based on mutual trust, respect, confidence and openness with a harmonious personal chemistry.

  • Everyone deserves and can afford a Mentor
  • An independent speaking partner with integrity
  • A guide to balance career, life and family

Who are enNOBLE?
A pioneering and growing global network of senior executives with diverse backgrounds as CEOs, who as Mentors, (in addition to board memberships and consultancies) devote significant time to assist present and future leaders to develop their full potential.
All Mentors have worked in an international business environment and many of them have lived parts of their professional lives in other countries. Their considerable cross cultural experience and know-how is probably among the best to be found.
Among them, they have professional careers from almost all walks of life and all are multilingual.
All Mentors are permanently accessible and « people persons » with empathy and genuine interest in the wellbeing of their Mentee’s.
– The Mentee’s success is the Mentor’s success! –
enNOBLE is not a conventional company but a network of Partners and Mentors that creates a corporate presence wherever needed.
As the Nordic markets are being established, enNOBLE will migrate throughout Europe and beyond.

enNOBLE’s value proposition
Concept     Competence
Commitment     Challenge
Confidence     Confidentiality

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