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劑量選擇@犀利士25毫克/50毫克/100毫克,应该服用哪一种? 犀利士,是美國藥研發的對心理性勃起障礙有獨特療效的ED藥物。犀利士CIALIS台灣官網| 線上購買犀利士、原廠藥品!


“When the board of directors/the CEO want growth, the market turns south and your family likes to see more of you. ….. – Who do you speak to? 

A common priority conflict facing leaders and  ”High Potentials/Fast Trackers” identified to occupy the ”Lonely Chair”.

We have been there and are now confidential speaking partners to actual and future leaders.

Our extended network of Mentors consist of individuals from various walks of life who have all occupied the ”Lonely Chair”!

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