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Martin Granholm

Partner and Mentor Finland

Martin Granholm

I am born in the small town Jaobstad at the West coast of Finland. After finishing the first scol levels I took my MSc in chemical engineering in the University Åbo Akademi 1971, where I later was awarded a Honorary Doctors degree. For a Finnish engineer it was not unusual to join the Forest Industry, an engagement which in my case turned out to be long lasting. At that time the number of enterprises in this sector i Finand where around 20. When I retired 2005 the number of big players was 3. I started as a research engineer and ended as the Deputy CEO in te UPM-Kymmene Corporation.

During this period I have been interested a number of organizations outside my every day work. An interesting period was participation in the political activities locally as a member of the local parliament and council. This gave me a network over the whole country, a net which I have been able to keep alive still to day.
Another organization I have worked with is the Chambres of Commerce movement. In the local Camber, the Central National Chamber, the German-Finnish Chamber , the Finnish-American Chamber and in the International Chamber of Commerce where I have ore have  had chairman ore board member positions.

My board meberships in pension and ensurece organizations as well as my chairmanship in the national railway company have given me an insight in different organization and leadership structures. My present board meberships in family owned companies and foudations complements this experiense.

E-mail: martingranholm@ennoble.org

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