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Alexander the Great 356-232 BC The World’s First Mentee, student of a Mentor

* after the Greek word Mentor which means

“A wise and trustworthy advisor, – a person
who exclusively and confidentially helps another
person to achieve something” –

As Mentors we want to contribute to and support your career and life development.

You have a partner with whom you can discuss everything in complete confidence.

We will deal with all your concerns and challenges, providing impartial objective advice & support.

You can expect us to listen attentively, that we care for and challenge you and that we offer you all our support and extensive experience.

It is you and your aspirations which is the dynamo of the process.

To achieve your goals, as our Mentee, we ought to meet monthly during one year in a secluded environment.

In our Mentor – Mentee collaboration, it is paramount that our relationship is based on mutual respect, confidence, openness and integrity and with a harmonious personal chemistry.

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